About SHG

Strategic Housing Group is in joint venture partnership with Asset Campus International (ACI) focusing on developing and operating and operating student housing projects in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

SHG further develops staff housing projects for multiple sectors including government, healthcare, education amongst others.


To be the leading dedicated housing developer and operator for higher education students and staff throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia.


To innovatively create and embed best practices, methods and systems, which will ensure all our developments, yield success both socially and economically.


Why Housing

According to many government, research and consulting firms, there is a lack of affordable housing in most countries around the world and the gap continues to grow. Developed countries are not immune to this either. MGI’s Cityscape database of 2,400 metropolitan areas in 2014 found that the affordable housing gap now stands at $650 billion a year and current trends suggest that there could be $106 million more low-income urban households by 2025. To replace today’s inadequate housing and build the additional units needed by 2025 would require $9 trillion to $11 trillion in construction spending alone. With land, the total cost could be $16 trillion.


According to report published McKinsey & Company in 2014; there are four approaches to reduce the housing-affordability gap by 20 to 50% and they are as follows:

1. Unlocking land supply

2. Reducing construction costs

3. Improved operations and maintenance

4. Lowering finance costs

5. Providing dedicated housing opportunities

At SHG, we believe in a fifth approach and aim to focus on providing ‘dedicated housing’ for those who require it and offer facilities to ensure comfort and access to their place of study and work.